American Style Fridge Freezer

We started with googles top American style fridge freezer from Google Shopping 100. Then the top brands and then the models with the top reviews to inform our review of, American Style Fridge Freezer.

Just give this a thought, 60 years ago, only 13 percent of British homes had a refrigerator in them. It is now one of the most common household appliances found in homes. 

Household refrigerators have seen many changes since there introduction in the early 20th century. From their humble origins as a wooden box filled with ice. Now modern refrigerators are high-tech devices connected through the cloud. They are capable of informing users when produce is running low, or even if the door has been left open. 

John Lewis £1,499.00

Appliance City £1,399.00

Currys £1,699.00

Currys £949.99

John Lewis

Currys £1,199.00

John Lewis

Appliance City

Currys £549.00

John Lewis

Appliance City

Currys £1199.99

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