TweakSlumber have developed a customisable mattress reinventing it in the process. Making it so you can sleep like never before on a unique hybrid of 5 comfort changing zones, up to 1000 pocket springs and an added temperature regulating foam for your most refreshing sleep yet.

They have two customisable mattresses The NREM mattress and the DUO mattress . . .

The NREM Mattress

The Nrem’s modular design means you decide where you want soft comfort and firm support – so it targets all the right places, specific to your needs.

Each side of the mattress has it’s own configuration, so there’s no need to compromise with your partner over which zones are soft and which are firm. Each side contains 1 super soft, 2 soft, 1 medium and 1 firm foam insert which can be arranged in any order down the 5 comfort zones.

Simply unzip the mattress cover to reveal 5 foam inserts in super soft, soft, medium and firm densities. Rearrange these inserts for soft comfort and firm support that’s tailored to you.

  1. Choose your ideal setup from the options below (or create your own!)
  2. Unzip the top cover and fold / roll back to one end
  3. Roll back the cooling comfort layer to meet the cover
  4. Rearrange the foam inserts, making sure the corrugated bottom is aligned correctly on the base (see below)
  5. Roll back the and the cover – zip up and enjoy!

They give detailed instructions with illustrations and testimonials on their website with “Suggested steups” click here to go see now.

Featured in Indybest . . .

This is our top choice for people with back pain. Forget memory foam – this has reactive foam that responds to movement, so there is never a moment when the mattress isn’t completely moulded to your body. The second stand-out point is that it comes with multiple inserts, with different densities, that you can tailor to target specific pressure points. You can even buy extra ones if ever you need them.

Our tester had been at his wit’s end with back ache, despite having tried other expensive mattresses that promised to work wonders. With the Nrem, he reported that the support is phenomenal, with no need to compromise on comfort. And if your partner does have restless night, you won’t feel a thing.”

The DUO Mattress

The split comfort DUO mattress is the ultimate hybrid of pocket springs and responsive foam. Personalise your side of the bed with the comfort level that suits you, and your partner can do the same on their side

The DUO mattress is made to order, the UK.

If you need to change your comfort level, you can “Tweak” your mattress at any time. Super soft, medium or firm, find the best comfort for you.

The DUO mattress is currently unavailable.

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