Damp, condensation & mould can often be a troubling concern for many homes and businesses. Dehumidifiers alleviate that concern and have been an essential piece of kit for businesses for many years. But many homes are now seeing the many benefits and choosing to install their own.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioner units have features that can cool and control the humidity making it a great versatile option that can be used year-round. They can also help to prevent condensation build up. AirCon’s exciting range of Air Conditioners are available in a range of styles and colours to suit all room sizes and locations.

Types of Air Conditioners we supplied by AirCon

There are two basic types of air conditioners which meet nearly all requirements: 

  • portable or mobile air conditioners.
  • split air conditioners.

Portable or Mobile Air Conditioning

Portable or mobile air conditioners are best for home or small office use, as they just plug into the mains socket. They are mobile so can be moved easily from one place to another. They are usually sitting on castors. You would need to ensure the hot air is extracted, by attaching the hose provided out of a door, window, or through a small hole in the wall.

In the short term, you can direct the hose through a window or door. These air conditioners do not require an outdoor unit or professional installation as they just plug in. This makes them an attractive option for their ease of use and the flexibility of moving them from room to room. You can also just unplug it and place the unit in storage when you no longer need it.

It is easy to control the temperature indoors with a portable air conditioner AirCon have a great selection of portable air conditioners at amazing sale prices. Ideal for applications where you need to keep certain areas of your home, office or factory cool, whilst also providing a dehumidifying function. Use a portable air conditioner to keep one room at a time cool, either your lounge or bedroom, computer room or loft, wherever you may be sitting. These units also offer good energy efficiency and can cost as little as 9p per hour to run, a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep!

The air conditioner you require is determined by the size of the room you require it in. Air conditioning power is determined by BTU of the unit. AirCon have a guide for choosing the right unit for you here.

Thank you fro reading our review on Dehumidifiers and Air-conditioning, We hop to have inspired you in some small way. We have a post about Bathroom Extractor Fans that may be of interest to you.

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