Joint-kind dog bed with a memory foam mattress, helping to support and relieve your dog to ensure relaxing, pain-free sleep, with a smooth cover featuring a peach-skin effect and high border

This Orthopaedic Dog Bed is a comfortable dog bed that is kind on your dog’s joints, containing memory foam for restful, pain-free sleep. Memory foam has been used for many years in human medicine, as it fits perfectly to the body’s shape and relieves the joints and spine. Your dog’s body heat allows it to sink into the memory foam, offering optimum comfort and support.

The Orthopaedic Dog Bed has a high border that helps with painless sleep. The border padding and mattress can both be removed from the bed with the help of zip closures. The high-quality cover with a smooth surface and the separate cuddly bedding layer made from extra-soft sheepskin plush are attached using Velcro, helping to prevent it from slipping whilst still allowing you to separate them for cleaning.

The dog bed is available in four different sizes, making it suitable for every dog breed.

  • Memory foam (Visco foam) for restful, pain-free sleep
  • Extra high border for a comfortable place to rest the head
  • Ideal for older dogs
  • Particularly stable: mattress with supportive base made from sustainable PUR foam
  • High-quality upper material: with attractive peach-skin effect
  • Timeless design: the shape and colour make it perfect for any home
  • Non-slip: thanks to anti-slip knobs
  • Colour:
    • Bed: grey
    • Plush mattress topper: ivory/ grey
  • Material:
    • Cover, bedding layer: 100% polyester
    • Mattress: foam (polyurethane)/memory foam (visco foam)

1/ Memory Foam
Memory foam is visco-elastic and fits perfectly to your dog’s body, helping to relieve joints and spine

2/ Easy to clean
The cover can be removed using the zip fasteners, allowing for it to be easy hand-washed. The separate plush cover can be machine washed at 30°C.

3/ Removable bedding layer
The extra-cuddly plush layer is fastened to the main cover using Velcro fasteners, so that it does not slip around but can be removed easily for cleaning.

4/ Range of sizes
The dog bed is available in four different sizes, making it suitable for every dog breed.

1/ Memory Foam
2/ Easy Clean
dog beds
3/ Removable bedding layer
4/ Range of sizes

Joint-kind dog bed with memory foam, designed to provide restful and pain-free sleep, with a high border and raised entry, with a separate plush inlay that can be washed, ideal for older dogs

The Orthopaedic Dog Bed with a visco-elastic memory foam mattress as well as an extra high border offers your dog the highest levels of comfort as well as restful sleep that is kind on the joints.
Memory foam such as that used in the Orthopaedic Dog Bed has been used for many years in caring for human joints, as it shapes itself perfectly to the body, thus relieving strain from the joints and spine. This is achieved through the body’s natural warmth, which allows your dog to sink into the mattress. This Orthopaedic Dog Bed helps to ensure beneficial sleep. The memory foam will then return to its original shape once your dog gets up. An additional, extra thick foam layer helps to prevent it from wearing through.
separate plush layer on the laying surface is fastened to the bed with Velcro and can be quickly and easily removed, so that it can be simply cleaned when needed. The anti-slip base is made from black nylon with anti-slip knobs.

Orthopaedic Dog Bed at a glance:

  • Orthopaedic dog bed with plush layer, ideal for senior dogs
  • With memory foam mattress (visco-elastic foam): to support and fit to your dog’s body
  • Relieves joints and spine and helps to ensure restful, beneficial sleep
  • With additional, extra-thick foam mattress: helps to prevent it wearing through
  • Separate plush layer attached with Velcro: makes it easy to remove and wash, quick to dry and be ready to use
  • Border on 3 sides: softly padded, perfect for laying and leaning your head
  • Comfortable raised entry and pleasant laying height: ideal for older dogs
  • Protects against cold floors
  • Anti-slip knobs: for stability even on smooth floors
  • Colour: 
    • Cover: brown
    • Plush layer: white
  • Material:
    • Cover: 100% polyester (fabric)
    • Plush layer: 100% polyester (sheepskin plush)
    • Mattress: memory foam (visco foam)/foam
    • Border filling: 100% polyester wool
    • Underside: 80% polyester/20% resin
1/ Memory Foam
dog beds
2/ Easy Clean
dog beds
4/ Range of sizes

This bed gets top marks for comfort, quality and design. Grey Jumbo Pet Bed is a comfortable sleeping place for discerning pooches. The grey wide cord and matching cream plush interior gives the bed a timeless style that will look good in any home.

The bed is cuddly warm and cosy to give your pet a real feeling of wellbeing. Thickly padded on all sides, with 8-11cm sides, it will tempt your pet to just lie back, relax and have a nice nap. Whether you have been on a long walk, doing lots of boisterous playing or it just happens to be time to go to sleep, the bed always provides a warm, soft welcome.

Grey Jumbo Pet Bed at a glance:

  • High quality
  • Modern, timeless design: with a stylish grey elephant cord outer and cream plush lining
  • For relaxing: Very soft and fluffy, with thick padding
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Colour
    • Outer: dark grey
    • Inside: cream-white
  • Materials
    • Outer: Polyester / Cord
    • Inside: Polyester

A thick, quilted dog car seat cover made from well-insulated, water-repellent polyester. Machine washable and has high sides for added dirt protection. Colour: black

The Kleinmetall Allside Comfort Car Seat Cover is something for dogs with very high standards. It is the deluxe version of the ever popular Kleinmetall Allside cover and protects the back seat of your car from dirt and wet. The black cover is well padded and quilted so it is also a comfy, well insulated cover for your dog to lie on. It won’t need a further blanket. It is water-repellent and has high sides to protect the entire back seat. Your dog will be cosy and comfortable and your car will be clean!
The Kleinmetall Allside Comfort cover has a variable zipper system which allows you to attach the cover in several ways. It fits in all standard cars and is fastened to the headrests.

And if the cover gets dirty it can be wiped down or popped in the washing machine up to 30°C.

The Kleinmetall Allside Comfort Car Seat Cover at a glance:

  • Dimensions: 155 x 140 x 50 cm (L x W x H)
  • Colour: black
  • Padded, quilted design
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • With high sides
  • With additional insulation
  • Water-repellent
  • Variable zipper system
  • Fits all standard cars
  • Easy to attach
  • Very cosy
  • Easy to clean – damp wipe
  • Machine washable up to 30°C
  • Do not tumble dry
  • With inflatable gap-fill available for the space between the front and rear seats, helping offer your dog more space and safety: available in two different sizes (half seat width and total seat width) and comes with a pump
    • Full: 124 x 25 x 35-40 cm (L x W x H) (folded: 28 x 18 x 10 cm)
    • Half: 60 x 25 x 35-40 cm (L x W x H) (folded: 30 x 14 x 5 cm)
  • Kleinmetall – Engineered in Germany

The Kleinmetall Backseat Bridge Gapfill is available here:

Weight note: When using the car seat for heavier dogs (15kg+) we recommend also using the Gapfill; to put less strain on the zippers and seams of the car seat cover.

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