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Expert Verdict is probably best-known as the publisher of Britain’s favourite product review catalogue, full of ideas, innovations for life and practical home gadgets for the home and travel and garden.

These days, Expert Verdict forms part of the largest group of independent specialist catalogues in the country, but is still family-owned and run. The parent group – Scotts & Co. (Scotts Ltd) – now manages customer service and order fulfilment on behalf of several other specialist catalogues. The group includes some of Britain’s best-known catalogue retailers including The Original Gift Company, Scotts of Stow and Solutions World.

Each of these businesses retains its unique character, but with the backing of a group that understands the importance of diversity in catalogue, shop and online retailing.

About Expert Verdict

The team that was behind the launch of Expert Verdict in 2000 included three of the original five-man crew that set up the Innovations catalogue in 1985. ‘The Verdict’ was of course very different from Innovations but their dedication to the pursuit of innovative products was and is as strong as ever.

A lot has changed in those last 18 plus years and especially in terms of technology, but their company
ethos remains the same – ‘we do the research so that you don’t have to’.


Expert Verdict job is to seek out new ideas. Ideas that may seem amazingly innovative today,
but will inevitably become the functional problem-solvers of tomorrow.
Their products are designed to solve life’s problems big or small.

Their aim from the outset has been to test, compare and evaluate hundreds of products
in order to identify those, which in their opinion, and in the opinion of “experts”
they have consulted, are simply the ‘Best’ in class.

But what is ‘Best’?

They have defined ‘Best’ as those products which they believe offer the best balance between
style, performance, function and value for money.

Expertise is born of knowledge, experience and thorough testing and in their search for exceptional
products they’ve drawn on a wide variety of published reports and individual opinions.

Their panel of buyers spend the whole year looking for innovative ideas, researching the competition
and ensuring that the products they select are thoroughly tried and tested.
They do the research so that you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and effort
and removing the guesswork out of shopping for the things you want.

‘An exciting world of innovations with Expert Verdict’.

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