Heaters, Dehumidifiers & Light Bulbs

Heaters and dehumidifiers are often used in tandem to heat up and remove the moisture from a damp environment.

EnergyBulbs.co.uk primarily sell energy efficient light bulbs and have a great selection of Brands to choose from. Other things the have are a really great range of every kind of heater and every kind of dehumidifier.


Heaters are a winter essential to help keep your home or room, office or workplace warm during the colder months. Electric heaters can be fixed or portable to suit your needs, are available in a wide choice of styles. Their range includes great brands: 

Manrose and  more

They have every type, colour and energy efficiency rating of heaters to choose from. 

There’s also their great range of . . . 


Dehumidifiers help to remove humidity from the air to prevent the build-up of condensation.

This can help with damp and mould problems within your home or office. They remove moisture from the air by drawing air into the unit. Then it passes this moist air through specially cooled coils which attract the moisture in the air. The moisture is collected in a tray, before blowing the dried air back out into. 

They have a great dehumidifier range is available with different capacities to suit all room sizes.

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