Currys PCWorld is the behemoth in the UK for household and kitchen appliances. They need little introduction. Practically every home in the UK will have something from their vast, essential range with of 1000’s of products from top brands to choose from. See their Price Match Promise.

Bring your home to life and take the hassle out of chores with the impressive range of Currys PC World kitchen appliances.

The main features for your consideration:
1/ Free standing of fitted.
2/ Drum capacity, 5 kg and up to 13 kg.
3/ Spin speed, 800 rpm to 1600 rpm.
4/ Quick wash usually 15 to 30 minutes.
5/ Noise, over 50 dB is noisy.
6/ Energy efficiency rating, A to A+++ rating.

A Short Guide to Buying Kitchen Appliances

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There are three types of oven, conventional ovens, fan assisted ovens and microwave ovens.

1/ In conventional ovens, heating elements are located at the top and at the bottom of the oven. They are suitable for general cooking.

2/ With fan assisted ovens, there are two types single fan assisted ovens and multi-functional fan ovens. They spread the heat more evenly more evenly through the oven that conventional ovens. If you are using more than one shelf for cooking a fan assisted oven is preferred to a conventional oven.

3/ Microwave ovens, combine microwave cooking with conventional oven cooking. This makes cooking times quicker.

Special features to consider are telescopic shelving that makes access easier.

Energy efficient ovens, eco-ovens, with timers that switch the heat off close to finishing cooking. The heat in the oven finishes off the last bit of cooking.

There’s the location of your oven to consider too. Do you want it high at eye level, no bending or hunkering down or located under the hob or range, its more traditional location. If it’s built in to your kitchen cupboards it will save you space. Kitchen appliances continued.

Whether you’re cooking for one or the entire household, you can find the ideal solution to prepare meals with ease.

Choose between freestanding and built-in cooking appliances, including microwaves, ovens, range cookers and hobs.

Look out for useful features like pyrolytic ovens and induction technology to make the most of your kitchen.

There are three types of hob, gas hobs, ceramic hobs and induction hobs.

1/ With gas hobs the heat is instantly controllable. Lower heat temperature is more achievable and Wok cooking is possible. Modern versions come with a flame supervision device that shuts off the gas if it fails to ignite or if the flame goes out.

2/ Ceramic hobs are easy to clean and look cool but are not suited to Wok cooking and very low temperatures are difficult to maintain compared to gas.

Kitchen appliances continued.

3/ With induction hobs you’ll need a particular set puts and pans to use for cooking. The hob remains cool and only the pot or pan heats up. This make its it a safe option.

Other considerations are how many pots and pans will you be using at any one time. The more you use then more cooking rings or zones you will need. This will influence the width of the hop as more cooking rings or zones will mean a greater width.

Special features to consider are cooking rings or zones that are flexible and can combine to give you a larger cooking area. Some hobs are a connected to the hood and the extraction rate is automatically adjusted to what is being cooked.

Something else to give though to are ‘Gas on Glass’ hobs, There’s information here about them.

And there’s three types of extractor fan.

1/ Integrated fans sometimes just called cooker hoods can seamlessly blend into the kitchen design hidden by the front of a cupboard.

2/ Chimney hoods that are mounted on the wall above the hob or cooker. They can be style statements as well as being functional. They can incorporate lights that can illuminate your hob.

3/ Island hoods suitable for hobs that are located not against walls but are freestanding, islands. Height become more important with these as you do not want them to obstruct your view across the kitchen. They feature lights, low noise and they can be big style statements.

Fridge Freezer

The LG GSX961NSVZ American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer is one of the top 10 trending kitchen products according to Google.

Want to add a modern touch to your kitchen? The LG GSX961NSVZ American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer has an eye-catching InstaView door – simply tap on the door twice to light up the easy-access compartment. Ideal for chilled drinks on a hot day without needing to open the entire fridge door.

Food stays fresher for longer
With a large 601-litre capacity, you can easily store the weekly shop for the entire family. And if you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s important to keep your fruit and veg as fresh as possible. LINEARCooling and DoorCooling+ help to maintain an even temperature, chilling everything quickly and efficiently so your food tastes delicious throughout the week.

The Inverter Linear Compressor runs quietly and keeps food fresher for longer, with an efficient performance backed up by a 10-year warranty.

Everything will smell fresh too inside the appliance thanks to the Pure N Fresh system.

And if you’re tired of defrosting, the Total No Frost system does all the hard work for you. By preventing ice from building up, you’ll be able to make use of all the available storage space and never have to worry about defrosting again.

Control the appliance from your phone
Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa or on your way home from the supermarket, you can control the GSX961NSVZ Fridge Freezer directly from your phone. Using the LG SmartThinQ app, you can easily adjust the temperature settings, or start the Express Freeze function to rapidly freeze your food.

Chilled water and ice on demand
If you’re hosting a barbeque on a hot (and rare) British summer’s day, having chilled drinks on demand can keep everybody happy. The GSX961NSVZ has a built-in water and ice dispenser, so you can enjoy chilled drinks at any time. Plus, since it uses an internal water tank, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of plumbing.

Technical specifications for LG GSX961NSVZ American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer – Steel

Manufacturer’s guarantee2 years
Energy efficiency ratingA++
Annual energy consumption376 kWh
Fridge / Freezer configuration– Fridge right
– Freezer left
Type of door handleIntegrated
Total gross capacity668 litres
Total storage capacity601 litres
Storage volume– Fridge: 405 litres
– Freezer: 196 litres
Suitable for outbuildingsNo
Climate classT
Optimum ambient temperature range18 – 43°C
Noise level39 dB(A)
Colour / FinishPremium steel with anti-fingerprint finish
Recommended installation space50 mm behind
Connection requirementsWireless router
Control method– iOS
– Android
AppLG Smart ThinQ app
Number of shelves4
Number of salad crispers2
Number of door compartments5
Interior lightLED
Adjustable shelvesNo
Storage features– Wine rack
– Bottle rack
Fridge auto-defrostYes
Fast chill functionYes
Food preservation technologyLINEAR Cooling
Air-flow coolingYes
Hygiene featuresPure N Fresh
Other functionsHoliday mode
Suitable forCans & bottles
Compartments– Drawers x 2
– Shelves x 4
– Door compartments x 2
Clear drawer frontsYes
Interior lightLED
Freezer star rating****
DefrostingFrost free
Fast freeze functionYes
Power failure safe-storage time10 hours
Freezing capacity12 kg / 24 hours
Water dispenserStill water
Ice dispenser– Cubed ice
– Crushed ice
Water tank capacity4 litres
ControlsExternal button controls
Digital displayLED:
– Fridge temperature
– Freezer temperature
– Express Freeze
– Pure N Fresh
– Non-plumbing
– Lock
Temperature warningNo
Open door warningAudible
Child lockYes
CFC freeYes
HFC freeNo
Rear panel materialMetal
Door opening distance exceeds dimensionsYes
Flat back designYes
Box contentsLG GSX961NSVZ American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer
Dimensions1790 x 912 x 738 mm (H x W x D)
Dimensions without doors1790 x 912 x 610 mm (H x W x D)
Boxed dimensions1891 x 968 x 770 mm (H x W x D)
Weight130 kg
Boxed weight141 kg

Integrated Dishwasher

The Whirlpool SupremeClean WIO3O33DEL Integrated Dishwasher, 59.8cm Width, Stainless Steel is one of the top 10 trending kitchen products according to Google.

Energy A+++ | Whirlpool | Built-in | 60 cm wide | 82 cm tall | 57 cm deep | Quiet | A+++ | Stainless Steel
Keep your kitchen looking smart with this fully integrated dishwasher. Part of the SupremeClean range, the WIO3O33DEL dishwasher offers a one-hour wash and dry programme, single-rack washing and 14 versatile place settings. Wash & Dry in One Hour Need to get the pots and pans cleaned before your start working on the next meal, then you’ll love this handy one-hour option.
6TH Sense Technology Intelligent sensors detect the level of soiling and automatically adjusts the wash cycle time and pressure to suit, saving you guessing with programme to choose. 
Single Rack & Half Load options Single Rack lets you run the dishwasher without having to fill it completely as you can opt to just clean a single level, while the Half Load setting means you can wash a smaller load over two racks. Both features help to reduce your water and power consumption

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