The best kitchen design begins with making a plan. Beginning a new kitchen project, either a DIY kitchen or considering a fitted kitchen, can be a big task but with a little planning it can come together with less effort than just diving in. Whether your budget is for a cheap kitchen design or luxury kitchen design start with creating a plan.

When I think of kitchen appliances I immediately think of Currys. They wont be beaten on price and they have a huge range of home appliances, best brands and new models.

Don’t expect to finalise your plan right a way. Keep your it loose and develop it over a bit of time. So stay relaxed and don’t get up-tight. If you get uptight or stressed it will influence the outcome. As your loose plan develops and progresses it will evolve  into your ideal fitted kitchen design.

Put in the fixed items first, usually the services. Then the things that are the most difficult to relocate. Usually these are the things dependant on the services, the water supply and drainage or electricity, the gas supply. Fixed items are the sink, the hob particularly if it’s gas, the washing machine and fridge-freezer.

Also on this list is the boiler and needs to be fitted to the inside of an outside wall because of the flue and by a certified expert. Check- out STUDIO on this site who have a great range of kitchen appliances here.

Whether you’re cooking for one or the entire household, you’ll find the ideal solution to prepare meals with that fits into your kitchen design.

Choose between freestanding and built-in cooking appliances, including microwaves, ovens, range cookers and hobs. 

Choosing your perfect kitchen appliance will take time and research. B & Q have produced a Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide which is well worth a read. It takes you through the different methods of cooking gas or electric, cookers or hobs, ovens and hoods. And can help you decide on some of the basics you will want to consider.

Location of the sink will be somewhat determined by access to drainage and where water coming into the room possibly the building is. The washing machine, if it’s going in your kitchen, will need access to water and drainage. The dishwasher will too but to a lesser extent. Then there’s the location of the hob.

Whither it’s a gas hob, range or oven it’s location will usually be determined by the where gas comes into the room, possibly the building. Although a decent qualified gas fitter can move pipes and things around be aware gas pipes can be unsightly particularly across a freshly painted wall.

The next large and usually fixed kitchen appliance is the fridge freezer. Again, Currys range of refrigeration appliances are energy efficient and include features to make your life easier. Smart fridges can connect to the internet while water and ice dispensers are great for social gatherings.

And again, B & Q have produced a buying guide.

Kitchen Design
Kitchen design layout and plan

Kitchen Design "BLUEPRINT"

The “blueprint” that designers sometimes use for kitchen design is something called the “The Kitchen Work Triangle”. Where the relationship between the hob, the sink and the fridge create an efficient work area. That means, without too much walking about to do to get your work done in this area. An ideal distance between appliances is around 1.2 meters or 4″ in old money. If this gets stretched out to over 2.7 meters, then expect less efficiency and a bit more walking to do. 

Of course it all depends on what the primary function is that you want your time to be for whyle the kitchen. Should you want to focus on a shrine to the Buddha or bottles of wine. Your kitchen design can take account of your preference and it can be a successful design in those terms.

My Personal Experience - Kitchen Design

As for my own experiences. I’ve completely cleared out and rebuilt a couple of kitchens as well as having redecorated a couple. The first one was in Brighton and was small. The location of the sink was determined by the plumbing, a window and an outside wall space where a combi boiler could go. A fridge-freezer could only go where it went, facing you as you walked in. Leaving the only space left was at the far end and just enough for the hob, extractor hood and oven. With a few high and low cupboards and a drawer for storage that was it.

And my point mentioning this is to demonstrate that the existing floor plan and fixed elements can determine the kitchen design for you. In this instance my part in the design process was recognising what you’ve got and to go with it.

On another occasion with a large flat in an old semi-converted building I had a decent sized space to work with. I ripped out everything including what seemed like miles of redundant plumbing and a massive old, cold water tank, filled a skip and started afresh. I was fortunate that the lounge was massive. I designed my new kitchen in there using boxes and bits of furniture, sometimes visitors as fridges, to determine where things were going to go.

I bought everything flat-pack, brought it home in the back of my car. I proceeded to assembled the entire kitchen in the lounge. Once assembled I had the chance to live with it before moving it into it’s permanent position in the room I prepared for it. Almost the only thing left to do was to fix it in place and connect it to services.

Practically everything came from one supplier – the timber, plasterboard and nails and insulation for the new stud wall, the sink and taps, worktops, I’ve a great tip for them, cupboards, flooring,  and the insulation that went under it, doors and glass bricks. Even the kitchen appliances, the heat alarm, the paint on the walls, everything.

My focus and design intent for this kitchen was a space for me and my partner to sit on comfy bar stools, chat, sip whatever we choose, watch something on YouTube or Netflix’s and keep an eye on the cooking. A fitted kitchen design success.

And my point for sharing this story with you – is to show you that planning can take almost any form, as long as it helps to organise a desired outcome. Just remember, that it doesn’t have to happen all at once, at one sitting. You can make an outline plan and go back to it as many times as you want, you can even use your partner as a stand in for the fridge. And the kitchen design is something to suit your lifestyle and not necessary the “Blueprint”.

Forget DIY and Get It Fitted

Or you can just get a fitted kitchen from one of the many companies out there. It comes without the hassle, fitted kitchen designers design it and experts fit it. Make sure you communicate your plan or idea  to them clearly and they’ll finish off the tricky bits for you. Here’s what they say about it . . .

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Now lets talk about Kitchen Lighting, soon . . . 

Gary Morga MA GSA
Gary Morga MA GSA

Gary is an artist and designer. His work has been acquired by museums and private collectors around the world. His interests include self improvement, meditation and design. Gary likes to help people develop their ideas and get the best out of life.

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