Locks Online was founded in 1999 when it launched its first web site onto the internet selling all types of door locks, door handles,  window locks and security related devices, founded by Darrel Walters and the Walters Group. 

The Walters Group has been trading as a security company in the Pembrokeshire Area since 1989, giving over 20 years of expertise to customer’s requirements making Locks Online at the forefront of customer service as well as value for money.

Locks Online run their web site like you would a shop in a high street, offering live online customer service through their chat on line system. During office hours 09:00 and 17:00 weekdays there is someone on hand to assist with any question that you may have; they feel they have survived on line for the last seventeen years due to not just creating a web site with lists of products and hope for the best, but providing the service that you would expect in any quality main street shop and offering that personal touch that can be so vague sometimes with shopping online.

Locks Online have access control experts at hand who can help! Just get in touch

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