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Established in 2005. DX is one of China’s original direct business
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Mobile technology is a category consisting of a wide range of devices. New two-way technology being created each day with unique uses. All of these are linked by their capability to send and receive signals by communicating with other devices on networks.

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Mobile Technology 

Mobile devices are everywhere and they are not just limited to the phones in our pockets. Whether it’s distributing a stronger WiFi signal or enabling a user to access phone calls from their wrist. Mobile technology devices come in all shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Some of the most popular forms of mobile technology include: 

  • Smartphones – most people have access to a smartphone today. Any cell phone can be considered mobile technology.
  • Laptops – An evolution from the notebook computers of the past. Modern laptops come in a variety of sizes. Nearly all contain two-way network connectivity capabilities and can be used in a variety of environments.
  • Tablets – Often operating on the same systems as smartphones but with more powerful components. Because of this Tablets offer even more portability than laptops with much of the same functionality.
  • Smartwatches – These devices are designed to sync with other devices, like smartphones or laptops. They utilize cloud capabilities to display notifications and applications on a smaller, wearable screen.
  • Hotspots – Devices require an internet connection of some kind to access the internet. Hotspots provide a solution when a connection would be otherwise unattainable. Often running via cellular networks, hotspots host private WiFi networks that users can connect to in unorthodox environments.
  • Mobile gaming consoles – Gaming consoles have long existed in portable forms. Recent generations possess the power to rival home consoles and feature two-way connectivity for accessing downloadable content, playing games with others over a network, and sending messages.
  • IoT Devices – Many, but not all, IoT devices can be considered mobile technology such as sensors and smartwatches. So these devices represent a broad category and react to their environment. They communicate specific signals when an event is triggered. 
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