The Top Trending Kitchen Product on Google

NINJA Foodi Multi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer

The Ninja Foodi features the company’s TenderCrisp technology. This allows the user to have the quick cooking and tenderizing benefits but also use the crisping lid to air fry, bake/roast and broil a variety of foods.

The TenderCrisp technology uses superheated steam to infuse moisture and flavor into food being cooked. The crisping lid then uses rapid-hot air around the food to provide a crispy exterior.  

Ninja Kitchen £199.99

John Lewis £199.99

Currys £179.00 £80.00

John Lewis £74.96

Currys £59.99

John Lewis £199.00

Currys £199.00

John Lewis £59.99

Currys £89.99

Google Shopping 100

Ninja Foodie Multi Pressure Cooker is the top trending product in the USA on Google right now. Google Shopping 100 gives you a sneak peek at products that are rising in popularity according to Google searches. Whether it’s discovering something for yourself, finding last minute gifts, or just staying in the know, we hope Google Shopping 100 gives you some inspiration this holiday season.

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