Every year, Dulux colour specialists work with design experts from all over the world to get a clear understanding of the upcoming global colour trends, paint colour ideas, that will shape our lives in the near future. They use these insights to identify a new Colour of the Year and create a collection of complementary colours around it.

Spiced Honey Dulux colour of the year 2019

Tranquil Dawn Dulux colour of the year 2020


A light and airy kitchen colour palette.

In the kitchen above, the combination of calming paint colour ideas in soft neutrals and pale pastels create a relaxed and welcoming space. Complementary shades like Colour of the Year 2020, Tranquil Dawn, soft cream and Colour of the Year 2019, Spiced Honey, work together to create a pleasing and coherent colour scheme. Complete this laid back look with lush indoor plants and hand-thrown pottery pieces.

Floral brights are fresh with vivid shades of pink and green give a bright fun and lighthearted feel to a room, it’s all about paint colour ideas.

Create soothing spaces within your home that allow you to switch off and re-energise body and mind. For a colour scheme that pacifies and invigorates in equal measures, look no further than this grown-up palette of natural, smoky neutrals and delicate whites. 

Paint colour ideas that are confident yet unassuming. This trend is all about using subtle shifts of colour and tone for maximum impact. To get started, create a pure white base and slowly introduce colours with gentle undertones, such as pale sand, misty sky blue or cool stone. These smoky neutrals will help to add warmth and colour without dominating the space, while rugs or throws in similar shades will add a touch of texture.

Look outside for paint colour ideas to the seasons. As the year moves on leaves of trees and shrubs start to become golden, heralding the incoming of the autumn colours.  You can’t help but be dazzled by the variety of mellow colours like yellow, orange and gold, a display that’s especially legendary in parts of the country.

Look to golden hues like honey and pumpkin, or even a caramel colour for your interior walls. Recreate the autumnal colour combinations of golds and reds by pairing warm yellows and oranges with neutrals like malt chocolate or auburn. They will balance out the vibrancy of the lighter shades.

Natural fibres, woods and rattan will keep the autumnal theme by adding earthy elements you expect to find while foraging in the great outdoors. Keep the lighting dim and low, to recreate the dipping evening glow that British autumnal afternoons bring. 

Feed your child’s imagination and bring their favourite tales to life by transforming their space into a far-away land. A perfect theme for paint colour ideas generation. Set the scene by transforming their walls into cloud-studded skies, add a tepee hideaway and plenty of scatter cushions, and they’ll have their very own storybook corner. Whether they like to read alone or together, this bedroom theme will encourage them to start the next chapter of their literary adventures.

We hope to have inspired you even if it’s only just a little bit. It’s worth remembering almost all paints now a days are mixed as required. The base colour is invariably white with a particular quality appropriate for it’s use. For instance I use Vinyl Matt for practically everywhere. Eggshell is next on my list. 

When you link from this page to the Dulux Decorator Centre you’ll arrive at a selection of base paints. Choose the one your looking for, say Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt. A window will open where you enter the name of the paint you’re looking for. We choose Jasmine White and clicked on, Proceed to Size and Quantity. The selection and checking out procedure is very straightforward from here on wards.

We have an article on Kitchen Design which may be of interest of you are thinking of decorating. And we reviewed Dining Table Sets too. Thank you again for reading our post.

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