It can be tricky finding unique gifts for your loved ones. Original gift ideas need to be designed and produced exclusively in-house by a fantastic design team. Or, are gifts that start off as pretty standard and then customised to suit the occasion and the person. However you look at it, it can be a difficult to find just the right thing.

We looked at 100’s of gift ideas and selected our top unique gifts. We hope as inspiration for you on your arduous task of marking a most memorable occasion.

It’s quite a list of memorable occasions that we are fortunate enough to be able to celebrate. There’s so many gifts, items and experiences to choose from we put together a list of links to get you started. 

Being able to add the recipient’s name or a personal message to a present means that it is created especially for that person and will be like no other gift they might receive from someone else.

What’s more, for every occasion you have to buy a gift for, they have an amazing range of personalised cards to choose from so you can get everything sorted at once in just a few clicks.

Make every occasion extra special with a gift for mum, or a gift for dad with a card that’s unique to them that’s just for them – or anyone. Over at Getting Personal there’s over 5,000 exclusive ideas & designs to choose from, buying your gift has never been easier.

Still can’t find what your looking for? Then maybe a Smart Watch is just the right idea. Or what about a new Tea Pot. You can’t get a bigger hint than that to put the kettle on now can you!

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